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BI V2.0 – A self-replicating, high precision 3D Printer

BI v2.0 3d-printer

The BI V2.0, a delta style 3D printer featuring widely available and self-replicating 3D printed components has been launched by Boots Industries. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to roll out this new 3D printer with its sturdy self-replicating frame that offers one of the largest 3D build volumes and outstanding print quality to the public. With its reinforced ... Read More »

The Snap 3D Printer

The Snap 3D Printer

The Snap 3D Printer is fast to assemble and printing high quality parts. They claimed that users can easily assemble the Snap 3D Printer without having any technical knowledge. The Snap’s frame is very strong and doesn’t require fasteners as their design innovation and high quality materials. They’ve chosen the modular design, which allows advanced users, makers and product designers ... Read More »