3D Printed Tricopter

Adrián Nagy Hinst, from Hungary, introduced his tricopter project which is supported by Ground Zero Team www.groundzero.hu.

Adrian’s goal was to make a good-looking copter that have all features and make a composite chasis, from glass/carbon fiber.


This is the initial design:



This is the current configuration:

  • Turnigy SK3-2826-1130 motors
  • 8×4,5 karbon SF props
  • 10A HK ESC (simonK firmware)
  • ArduFlyer 2.5 with ArduCopter 3.0.1 code
  • 2000mA 3S lipo (2 db 1000mA 3S2P)
  • Flytron 25A ultralight current sensor
  • MKS-DS95 servo
  • RECOM 5V 1A power supply for electronics
  • 3DR 868 MHz telemetry module
  • RCTimer OLED screen
  • Immersion 600mW 5.8 video TX + C
  • MinimOSD, with KVTeam code
  • KPC-E700PUB camera
  • FRSKY Futaba FASST-compatible receiver, PPM
  • controlled LED-s and buzzer

All-up weight is 782g, and has 8 minutes of safe flight time with 20-25% of remaining battery.


LED sripes are controlled by APM


Flight test


NHAdrian Tricopter onboard / FPV video

For more info visit DIYDrones.

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