3D Printer Test Kit – GRAPHICA

Graphica is all about further extending your knowledge of what your 3D Printer is capable of! They will be building on the quality and attention to detail they established in 3DKitbash’s first ‘3D Printer Test Kit’ and hopefully giving you a whole new outlook on what you can accomplish within the realm of FDM-based 3D Printing!


With Graphica you will receive 12 ‘Digital Test Chips and a variety of printable displays that have been sized to fit snugly in most standard picture frame sizes. All test chips and display items will be designed to be printed on an FDM 3D Printer and they will not require any support structures.


They’ve divided the chips into 2 groups. Representational & Mechanical.


The Representational chip samle:


'Skull' - A taxing demo of narrow undercuts and detail retention.

‘Skull’ – A taxing demo of narrow undercuts and detail retention.


The Mechanical Chips included in Graphica are the first test chips of their type! Each chip represents a movable feature that only has to be printed (with no supports) to work. We call this quality: “Print & Play”. …The idea is that once you have demoed a variety of ‘Print & Play’ techniques, you will be more capable of building and laying out your prints for even more ‘Bang for the Buck’!


The Mechanical chip sample:


'Scope' - Demos your printer's ability to print telescoping mechanism.

‘Scope’ – Demos your printer’s ability to print telescoping mechanism.


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Cincinnati, OH

Funding period
Aug 28, 2013 – Oct 1, 2013 (33 days)


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