3D Printing Cheat Sheet wanted?

One of the Ultimaker user forum member, Nicolinux, claimed that he is thinking about creating a 3D Printing Cheat Sheet. Basically, cheat sheets, for example http://www.cheat-sheets.org,  are short (one or two pages) instructions with common wisdom regarding a specific topic and very popular in programming environment.


He pointed out the following topics why we need to have a 3D Printing Cheat Sheet.


  1. Importance of filament diameter and calibrated e steps + digital caliper
    • Why? – Because it is one of the most important variables that directly influence print quality
  2. Bed leveling
    • Why?  – Another important variable that influences print quality
  3. Speed vs. Temperature
    • Why? – Because printing slower/faster needs different temperatures (as far as I see it). And since time is a valuable asset, printing fast and in good quality is the holy grail of 3d printing
  4. Characteristics of printing material
    • Why? – Because printing with ABS instead of PLA makes a big difference (warping, heated bed, temperature). Material properties are very important when deciding on a 3d printer and on the purpose of the printed object(s)
  5. Essential quality settings – layer height, infill, perimeters
    • Why? – Because even small errors in these values are guaranteed to mess up a print
  6. Support material, brim and raft
    • Why? – Because it is no fun to have prints fail after several hours of printing because you got the support material wrong or because stuff doesn’t stick to the bed
  7. Cooling
    • Why? – Because cooling can make or break small and delicate objects and affects quality.
  8. Nozzle size and speed implications
    • Why? – Because the layer height is bound to the nozzle size. Also (like Illuminarti’s mantra “…you need to think about the volume of plastic pushed through the nozzle”) it influences print speed and quality
  9. Prominent problems and their causes
    • Why? – Because everyboda had one of these problems. z-banding, ringing, blobbing, gaps in surfaces, shifted layers…


Although there are many documentation and videos related to 3D Printers and its technology around, we will absolutely need a useful and short documentation, called cheat sheet, sooner or later and honestly this is a great idea to create a new one.


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