3Dsimo: The Amazing 3D Pen

The project catch-phrase is:

Do you have a fantasy? Then you have half won. You just make it real. This can be happened by using 3Dsimo which simply and fast enables you to draw 3D objects.

What is it?

3Dsimo allows you to draw 3D objects simply and fast. And you don´t even need technical training. 3Dsimo has no limitations only user´s imagination and skillfulness. They claimes that they have prepared for you set of models from various materials.





3Dsimo provides user the possibility of choosing print options on a digital display. You can also have adjustability of temperature and speed of materials options on it. It handles various materials such as ABS, PLA, PVA (water-soluble material), nylon at different temperatures in order to achieve fast filling or even print in the air!



Golden, silver, wooden or flexible PLA materials are also available. Over time, new materials will be increasing due to the growing trend of 3D printing. The project team claimed that 3Dsimo is fully prepared for this due to configurability of all parameters and thermal feedback for determining the exact temperature.


How it works?

3Dsimo is like using a pencil. Hence, everyone who can use pencil will not have a problem to use 3Dsimo. After plugging it in you set the desired speed and temperature according to the material (these data will be appended together with 3Dsimo and new materials will be updated). 3Dsimo is based on the principle of FDM technology thus extruding plastic material through the hot end. If you want to print into the air or create infill of any object you can do it easily and quickly. There is no problem just make your choice. After a while of use you will find that with 3Dsimo you can create fantastic objects.

3Dsimo utilization:

  • Repairing of plastic devices
  • Bonding and assembling models of 3D printers
  • Repair abortive print (due to repair you don’t need to enter new several hours lasting print)
  • Creating jewelry
  • To implement your ideas
  • Simply for the joy of modeling


The Funding duration: September 12, 2013 – November 11, 2013 (11:59pm PT).


For more details and support, please visit their IndieGoGo webpage.


  1. Hello all friends of 3Dsimo. The campaign has been founded again for 30 days on this address: http://igg.me/at/3dsimoo/x/3721646

    due to few requests from customers to restore the campaign.

    We are still working hard on the project and yet on Friday

    we will make public a sketch of final design of 3Dsimo that will be ergonomic and aesthetic (on the design is working a budding designer).

    Thank you for supporting our project.

  2. Hello, all fans, I would like to introduce you a new video with final product 3Dsimo and also a preview how looks it’s new SW.
    We are running a new campaign on indiegogo because we have recieved lots of queries and requests

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