Yavuz Kaya

Yavuz KAYA

Hi, this is Yavuz KAYA and I am working in the IT industry for about 8 years. I studied Business Administration and have my master degree in Information Technology as well.

3D Printing technology inspires me to create and share useful information all about 3D Printers and its related subjects such as Additive Manufacturing, 3D printing solutions, etc.

I hope you enjoy.

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ps: Please send your any queries to info@popular3dprinters.com

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  1. We aim to produce the affordable 3D Printers for numerous medium-small enterprises, making the 3D Printer no longer expensive, striving to be China top research team of self-owned brand of ZBOT 3D Printer, supplying ceaseless driving force for commercial enterprises in the 3rd industrial revolution initiated by 3D Printer.
    ZBOT.CC 3D Printer produced by Guangzhou WangNeng Product Design Co. has won 2012 CDA China Design Award and the Honourable Finalist of Chinese Business Runner.
    We produce following 5 machines:
    FDM-I1 – printing size small, high precision
    FDM-I2 – Printing size is bigger than FDM-I2, price is lower than FDM20-2525
    FDM2525 – Printing size is big, printing fast
    FDM1515- Printing high models
    FDM2525 tied with FDM-I1 – Printing big & small size, but for high precision
    SCAN-1X – 1st automatically colorful 3D human body scanner, obtained body 3D data within 3 minutes
    website: http://www.zbot.cc

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