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Global 3D Scanners Giving a Huge Blow to the Consumer Market

3D scanner is an instrument which examines the real objects and environment, to collect data based on shape, geometry, and appearance. The collected data is then used to construct digital 3D replicas. 3D scanners are classified into two groups’ viz., non-contact scanning and contact scanning. Let’s see what has happened earlier in the 3D Printing world.   Twindom launched an ... Read More »

NASA launches 3D printer into space in 2014


NASA is preparing to launch a 3D printer, which would serves as a flying factory of infinite designs, into space next year, a toaster-sized game changer that greatly reduces the need for astronauts to load up with every tool. In NASA labs, engineers are 3D printing small satellites that could shoot out of the Space Station and transmit data to ... Read More »

Oxford Performance Materials Opens a Facility to Support 3D Printing of Aerospace Components

Oxford Performance Materials (OPM) announced that the creation of a new manufacturing facility in South Windsor, CT. The facility is in close proximity to OPM’s current headquarters and manufacturing facility. This region of Connecticut, long known for its advanced subtractive manufacturing technologies, is now rapidly becoming a global leader in additive manufacturing.       “It has always been our ... Read More »

NASA Tests Limits of 3-D Printing

NASA Tests Limits of 3-D Printing with Powerful Rocket Engine Check   After NASA and Aerojet Rocketdyne of West Palm Beach, Fla., testing a rocket engine injector made through additive manufacturing, now NASA has reported that the largest 3-D printed rocket engine component they ever have tested blazed to life Aug. 22 during an engine firing that generated a record ... Read More »