Mcor 3D Printing Technology Improves Malta’s Art, Architecture and Furniture Manufacturing

INVENTOR USES MCOR TECHNOLOGIES’ 3D PRINTING TECHNOLOGY TO IMPROVE MALTA’S ART, ARCHITECTURE AND FURNITURE MANUFACTURING   Mcor Technologies Ltd, announced today that its customer, inventor, Charles Aquilina, is using Mcor Technologies’ SDL paper 3D printing technology to enhance the quality and customer satisfaction of Malta’s cultural art, furniture and architectural models that are produced in one-tenth the time of handcrafting. ... Read More »

3D-printed Chairs Made From Noise

After using plastic and metal as materials in 3D printers, now you can also have NOISE to be used to create 3D-printed objects! Brazilian designers Estudio Guto Requena have used the magic of sound and 3D printing to create an inspired new chair, “Nóize Chair”.     The Nóize Chair, created in 2012, is produced by mixing recorded sounds captured by mobile ... Read More »

Design Museum, Designer in Residence, Finds Identity in 3D Printing and Ceramics

Colour 3D print bureau, Lee 3D, sponsors 3D printed exhibits on show at the Design Museum by Adam Nathaniel Furman, Designer in Residence from 4 September until 12 January 2014.   Adam will explore the concept of identity through a cabinet of curiosities containing products made entirely from 3D printing and Slip Casting. The project follows a fictional journey of ... Read More »

3D-printed car for Audi by Nir Siegel

Nir Siegel, London-based designer, has claimed that a 3D printed car that would assemble itself in front of the buyer, in his thesis project at the Royal College of Art. The concept, which is called ‘genesis‘, uses a robotic 3D printer that comes as ready for assembly in a box.     More photos at: Read More »

The Art of 3D Print Failure

  This can exactly be called ART! An amazing Flickr Group, The Art of 3D Print Failure, which is inspired by a blog post from RichRap, picturing of their own 3D print failures. Sharing the pictures will probably make the other people to find out where and why things go wrong so that they can avoid facing the same issues in the future.   ... Read More »

Enviables: The marketplace for luxury 3D-printed jewelleries

Enviables is the marketplace for luxury designer jewellery. The great thing is that they enable CAD jewellery designers to sell their designs online to the public. During the purchasing the piece, buyers can personalize their selections through a variety of options, currently karat and colour of gold. You can buy one of the following jewelleries via Enviables Shop with 15% off! ... Read More »