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Global 3D Scanners Giving a Huge Blow to the Consumer Market

3D scanner is an instrument which examines the real objects and environment, to collect data based on shape, geometry, and appearance. The collected data is then used to construct digital 3D replicas. 3D scanners are classified into two groups’ viz., non-contact scanning and contact scanning. Let’s see what has happened earlier in the 3D Printing world.   Twindom launched an ... Read More »

3DTi and Sculpteo encourage 3D Printing to the Students

3d-webinar by 3dti

3D Training Institute (3DTi) and Sculpteo announced a cooperation to encourage 3D printing to the students. 3DTi and Sculpteo will perform a live webinar on Wednesday, December 4th, from 6pm to 7pm (Pacific Time). You can learn how to prepare 3D files for printing, set-up your own online store, and embed Sculpteo’s technology onto your own website. 3D printing business is ... Read More »

UK Government invests half a million pounds in 3D printing lessons

3d printing United Kingdom

The government has announced plans to invest £500,000 in order to help schools harness 3D printers in the teaching of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skills. This action comes after a successful trial in which 21 schools were given financial support to buy 3D printers. The government now intends to make £500,000 available. It means that almost 60 schools can ... Read More »

Students take advantage with 3D Printer Packages Designed for Next Generation Science Standards

Afinia H Series 3D Printer

3D printing, as known as Additive Manufacturing, is becoming widespread in engineering and manufacturing for rapid prototyping and production. There is no doubt that students will be taking a vital role for the future of industry. In order to consider this, giving them an opportunity to understand the 3d printing technology is vital. Therefore, Afinia, a supplier of desktop 3D ... Read More »

3D printing creates hopes and fears

There is a great video that explains the pros and cons of 3d printing technology (from swissinfo) in summary.         Read More »

The Nanyang Technological University Builds A New 3D Printing Research Centre

The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is building a new $30 million research centre for additive manufacturing which will house some of the latest 3D printing machines available. When the centre opens in May next year, it will also have what is likely to be Singapore’s first bioprinter which is a machine capable of producing real human tissue, layer by layer. ... Read More »

The First 3D-Printing College Classroom for General Education

Afinia H 3d Printers

James Madison University (JMU) claimed that they will be building the first 3D-printing general education college classroom. Since the vast majority of other universities already have 3D-printing facilities and labs, the James Madison University (JMU) 3-SPACE will be the first true 3D-printing college classroom in the country, built for general education courses that are open to all students and departments at the ... Read More »

Shapeways gives Educational 3D Printing Discount to all Nations

To celebrate the Northern Hemisphere going back to school while the Southern Hemisphere is focusing on the mid-year projects Shapeways are now opening up the Shapeways Educational 3D Printing Discount to all nations.     In order to get 10% discount on all 3D printing, you can register by visiting the Shapeways Education page and activating your email. The 10% discount will automatically be applied at ... Read More »

3D Printing Masterclass in Brooklyn NY

3D Printing Masterclass will be given by Ronnie Parsons, Co-Founder, Mode Lab and you can learn about the fundamentals of 3D printing, the free tools available to get started, and the materials and processes used to bring your ideas out of the computer and into the world.   You can find out the answers of the following questions: What is 3D printing? ... Read More »

The Book on 3D Printing

The Book on 3D Printing was written for the designers, teachers, parents, and everyday inventors who will change the world with this amazing technology and it will take you on a tour of the developing 3D Printing industry and explain everything you need to know to start designing and printing your own 3D creations.     You can find out the 3D ... Read More »