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Blizzident The World’s craziest tootbrush created with a 3D Printer

blizzent 3d printed tootbrush

Blizzident, entitled, “the world’s craziest toothbrush”, is cleaning all your teeth within 6 seconds, perfectly applying the “Modified BASS”- and “Fones-” toothbrushing-techniques.   The toothbrush currently costs $300 and lasts up to one year.       How Blizzident works:   Read More »

3D-Printed pump maintains diseased hearts beating in time

If you have serious heart failure your options can be very limited as you need to have a heart transplant or a bedside system to keep your heart pumping. Fortunately, a new 3D-printed, battery-operated implant would make people perform their day-to-day activities while they wait for a transplant.   Basically, the device, for which a patent has been filed, developed by Philip ... Read More »

Robohand Uses 3D Printing to Replace Lost Digits

Robohand 3D printing

Richard Van As, a South African carpenter, lost four fingers to a circular saw two years ago       He was unable to afford the tens of thousands of dollars to get a myoelectric hand, which detects a muscle’s electric impulses to activate an artificial limb.     “After my accident, I was in pain, but wouldn’t take painkillers. I ... Read More »