Global 3D Scanners Giving a Huge Blow to the Consumer Market

3D scanner is an instrument which examines the real objects and environment, to collect data based on shape, geometry, and appearance. The collected data is then used to construct digital 3D replicas. 3D scanners are classified into two groups’ viz., non-contact scanning and contact scanning. Let’s see what has happened earlier in the 3D Printing world.   Twindom launched an ... Read More »

Chocolate 3D Printing by Using 3D Scan and Print Technology

Everything's made of Chocolate

Finally, chocolate can look as good as it tastes since the company “Everything’s Made of Chocolate” re-imagined the chocolate design with 3D scanning and printing technology.     Brian Begun, digital artist, is setting his sights on a different type of creative art – chocolate mold design, after almost 20 years entertaining moviegoers with stunning visual effects in films such as “Start ... Read More »

Yahoo Japan unveils 3D printing technology – 3D Search Engine-Printer

Yahoo Japan 3D Search Engine Printer

The internet firm Yahoo Japan has developed technology to produce solid plastic objects with 3D printers based on computer searches, and it may be named as 3D Search Engine-Printer. The technology works as follows: If the word “horse” is spoken into the machine, it searches for a drawing of the animal on the Internet. In about 15 minutes, it produces ... Read More »

Open source 3D printed robots are coming

According to Intel, 3D PRINTED, OPEN SOURCE ROBOTS that are going to close the gap between technology and humanity are approaching. Twenty-first Century Robot initiative that will “bring science fact to science fiction”. You can think that it sounds like a sci-fi film gone wrong, but Brian David Johnson, Intel’s futurist, told attendees at a media briefing at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) ... Read More »

Electrolux Atomium 3D Food Printer

Atomium 3D Food Printer, is an Electrolux Design Lab semifinalist, by Luiza Berté from Brazil is a delightful 3D food printer concept which was created from the urge to find time and find space for personal activities within families. The Atomium 3D Food Printer uses molecular ingredients to construct food layer by layer. The device helps children prepare their own meals in a creative ... Read More »

What materials will be invented in the next decade?

Wired published an article, was taken from the September 2013 issue of Wired magazine, that is about the selection of academics and business types for their thoughts on: “What materials will we invent in the next decade?” for this month’s big question.   Not surprisingly, some answers are directly related to 3D Printing as follows.   Zoe Laughlin, Cofounder and director, The Institute of Making “I ... Read More »

NASA Tests Limits of 3-D Printing

NASA Tests Limits of 3-D Printing with Powerful Rocket Engine Check   After NASA and Aerojet Rocketdyne of West Palm Beach, Fla., testing a rocket engine injector made through additive manufacturing, now NASA has reported that the largest 3-D printed rocket engine component they ever have tested blazed to life Aug. 22 during an engine firing that generated a record ... Read More »

Japan Customizes Equipment for Olympic Athletes by using Stratasys 3D Printer

Stratasys Ltd., today has announced that the University of Tsukuba, Japan is using an Objet350 Connex multi-material 3D Printer as part of its R&D program for sports science and Olympic training. The University of Tsukuba conducts research and development in the areas of sports equipment, training and conditioning. Japan’s fencing team won the Silver medal with the developed equipment, by a research team ... Read More »

3D Printing With Iron and Tungsten

Currently numerous 3D Printing Materials, such as plastics and metals, can be 3D printed. Recently, we also saw that liquid metals can be also 3D printed in 3D Printing of Liquid Metals at Room Temperature video. The range of metals in 3D printing is increasing rapidly as the industrial 3D printer supplier ExOne has added iron infiltrated with bronze, and bonded tungsten, to the range ... Read More »