Global 3D Scanners Giving a Huge Blow to the Consumer Market

3D scanner is an instrument which examines the real objects and environment, to collect data based on shape, geometry, and appearance. The collected data is then used to construct digital 3D replicas. 3D scanners are classified into two groups’ viz., non-contact scanning and contact scanning. Let’s see what has happened earlier in the 3D Printing world.   Twindom launched an ... Read More »

BI V2.0 – A self-replicating, high precision 3D Printer

BI v2.0 3d-printer

The BI V2.0, a delta style 3D printer featuring widely available and self-replicating 3D printed components has been launched by Boots Industries. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to roll out this new 3D printer with its sturdy self-replicating frame that offers one of the largest 3D build volumes and outstanding print quality to the public. With its reinforced ... Read More »

The Snap 3D Printer

The Snap 3D Printer

The Snap 3D Printer is fast to assemble and printing high quality parts. They claimed that users can easily assemble the Snap 3D Printer without having any technical knowledge. The Snap’s frame is very strong and doesn’t require fasteners as their design innovation and high quality materials. They’ve chosen the modular design, which allows advanced users, makers and product designers ... Read More »

Chocolate 3D Printing by Using 3D Scan and Print Technology

Everything's made of Chocolate

Finally, chocolate can look as good as it tastes since the company “Everything’s Made of Chocolate” re-imagined the chocolate design with 3D scanning and printing technology.     Brian Begun, digital artist, is setting his sights on a different type of creative art – chocolate mold design, after almost 20 years entertaining moviegoers with stunning visual effects in films such as “Start ... Read More »

3Dsimo: The Amazing 3D Pen

3dsimo - Amazing 3D Pen

The project catch-phrase is: Do you have a fantasy? Then you have half won. You just make it real. This can be happened by using 3Dsimo which simply and fast enables you to draw 3D objects. What is it? 3Dsimo allows you to draw 3D objects simply and fast. And you don´t even need technical training. 3Dsimo has no limitations ... Read More »

The Peachy Printer – The World’s most affordable 3D Printer and 3D Scanner

The Peachy Printer

The Peachy Printer is the world’s most affordable (currently) 3D printer. This is also another 3D Printer contains, “The First” term, like Zeepro Zim (first dual head personal 3d printer), iRapid Black (first German 3d printer) and 3DISON Plus (First Korean 3d printer) etc. Honestly, catching them is not easy at all! Rinnovated Design mainly want to lower the cost, which is expected, and ... Read More »

Structure Sensor – Capture the World in 3D with your iPad and iPhone

Structure Sensor

The world’s first 3D sensor for mobile devices. Capture models of rooms, 3D scan objects, play augmented reality games, and develop mobile applications with 3D sensing.     The Structure Sensor gives mobile devices the ability to capture and understand the world in three dimensions.      Early reactions.   It’s like giving some sort of a superpower to average-joe ... Read More »

Lionhead 3D Printer and 3D Scanner with Li Modeling Software Launches on Kickstarter

the lionhead 3d printer

We already published a news titled, “The Lionhead – Desktop 3D Printer and Scanner With Modeling Software” about two weeks ago. Now, The Lionhead 3D Printer and 3D Scanner witl Li Modeling Software launches on Kickstarter!   They claimed that they’ve made the Lionhead more than a printer as it’s a scanner, too, and it connects directly to their 3D ... Read More »

MONSTERMATIC: The First 3D Printing Game


The first mobile game that allows users to create and 3D print custom designed monsters.     Monstermatic is the first free mobile game app that allows users to create and 3D PRINT custom designed monsters. Players are given tools to invent, interact, share, and ultimately unleash their monsters into the world through 3D printing technology. New monsters and further customization ... Read More »

Zim, the first dual head personal 3D printer launches on Kickstarter

Zeepro Zim 3D Printer

We already published the news about the Zim titled  “Zeepro Zim – The First Dual Head Personal 3D Printer“ two days ago.   Zeepro Zim the first dual head personal 3d printer is now launched on Kickstarter!     The project is contributed by Zeepro and the funding period is between Sep 13, 2013 – Oct 23, 2013 (40 days).   ... Read More »