Chocolate 3D Printing by Using 3D Scan and Print Technology

Finally, chocolate can look as good as it tastes since the company “Everything’s Made of Chocolate” re-imagined the chocolate design with 3D scanning and printing technology.



Brian Begun, digital artist, is setting his sights on a different type of creative art – chocolate mold design, after almost 20 years entertaining moviegoers with stunning visual effects in films such as “Start Trek Into Darkness,” “Pacific Rim,” and “X-Men First Class,”.  Brian has invented a new process using computer technology and it is waiting for its final patent approval. Brian says that this process will “stretch the boundaries of what you would normally find shaped in chocolate.”


Brian Begun says, “It all started with my wedding. My wife and I wanted to have custom designed chocolate pieces for our guests, something edible but also personal. After finding that custom chocolate work was either too expensive or wasn’t the look we were looking for, we ended up doing the work ourselves. After much thought and research, I realized there had to be a better way to approach chocolate design.”


Brian’s project is set to start September 27th and will run until October 27th. You can contribute to ‘Everything’s Made of Chocolate’ by going to IndieGoGo  and looking up the project at

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