Electrolux Atomium 3D Food Printer

Atomium 3D Food Printer, is an Electrolux Design Lab semifinalist, by Luiza Berté from Brazil is a delightful 3D food printer concept which was created from the urge to find time and find space for personal activities within families. The Atomium 3D Food Printer uses molecular ingredients to construct food layer by layer. The device helps children prepare their own meals in a creative way.



Electrolux Atomium 3D Food Printer

Electrolux Atomium 3D Food Printer


Basically the printer detects what you draw for it and then dishes out a 3D-printed meal using molecular ingredients.


Interview with designer Luiza Silva via ElectroluxdesignLab.



What interests you most about being a designer?

Since I was a kid I’ve always liked to draw which is why I chose Industrial Design as my major at Federal University.  Studying helped me realise my interest in product design, specifically electronic and automotive design.


Tell us how you imagine it would feel to experience Atomium in the home?

I can imagine returning home after work and heading to the kitchen, where I would find Atomium and have access to information about what food was prepared today.  It would allow me to see what food my son has created and eaten including the taste, nutritional value and shape.  During the week I’d probably prepare food for the family on my own, but at the weekends Atomium would allow us to have fun as a family, to create healthy and imaginative meals.


What was the inspiration behind your idea? 

It came from research I carried out looking at articles and studies related to the future of home appliances.  I identified a problem with families not being able to make time and find space for personal activities.


What has it been like to be in the competition?

For me the most satisfying element of the competition was qualifying for each of the stages, and reaching the semi-finals.   It has also allowed me to improve Atomium concept, by thinking about how the idea could take shape in the real world and impact on how people eat.


How have your friends and family reacted to your success in the competition so far?

My family and friends are really happy and proud of how far I’ve reached in the competition.




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