Fair-Feral – Latest Jewellery Collection by The Rogue and The Wolf

Rebel, Rule and Conquer rings

Rebel, Rule and Conquer rings

The Rogue and The Wolf released today Fair|Feral, which is the latest jewellery collection from UK based designers. It consists of fifteen separately named designs, each piece has its own unique personality while still keeping a common leitmotiv.


The latest emergence of 3D printing technology allows designers to combine the creativity of Eloise’s illustrations and Michael’s ambition for materials and technical excellence beyond pen and paper to something that is very much reality.


The characters, Eloise H.R. and Michael W, of The Rogue + The Wolf  are inseparable and passionate designers with principles.



Eloise H.R. from The Rogue + The Wolf said, ‘I think wearing Fair|Feral says, I live here and now, fashion is my way of expression and creativity. I can change between prey and predator with ease and I want what I wear to reflect that.’


Silver cat skull ring

Silver cat skull ring

They claimed that The Rogue + The Wolf are the two tale heroes your parents never read you about. The two members of the guild are Eloise H. R. and her faithful companion Michael W., two independent designers and makers with two heads full of ideas and a heart full of love for wild things.








  • Eloise H.R. and Michael W. are available for interview.
  • Fair|Feral lifestyle and product images
  • The Rogue and The Wolf is available via online stockist, retailers and their Etsy Store
  • Materials: gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, black plastic nylon
  • Sizes: available in a variety of sizes
  • Price range: Fair|Feral collection rrp £7.75 to £186.00


Yavuz Kaya reported.


Source: Therogueandthewolf.com

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