Handheld SwissPen 3D printer vs 3Doodler

The demo video presents the SwissPen performing much of the same stuff that got the internet all hot and bothered over the 3Doodler, from Geek.Com, claimed that the SwissPen can be used to trace patterns on a piece of paper, which can be fitted together later. He also added, “You can also layer plastic to create a 3D shape straightaway. Though, this probably won’t be as easy as it sounds”.



SwisPen the device is about a little over $110 while the 3Doodler will be $99 when it comes out.

Summarily, you would pay much more to get the SwissPen in October, which is very earlier than the 3Doodler’s expected February 2014 ship date.


Source: Geek.com


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