Intel bringing vision, 3D to laptop and tablet cameras

Intel says “depth-sensing” camera will reach ultrabooks, laptops in second half of 2014.


It is not suprised that the another big company, Intel, is stepping into 3D Printing with its depth-sensing camera, Senz3D.


Anil Nanduri , director of perceptual products & solutions at Intel, stated, “There are already 3D cameras out there, but Intel is trying to tack on the algorithm and hardware features that make images more meaningful. Intel is developing a “depth sensing” camera, which is an enhanced version of a 3D camera that can go deeper inside images to “bridge the gap between the real and virtual world”. He added, “Such depth cameras will be integrated into laptops and ultrabooks in the second half of 2014. The technology will initially appear in external webcams such as Senz3D external webcam, which was jointly developed by Logitech and Intel, and will become available in the coming quarters. The camera technology will ultimately trickle down to tablets and smartphones.” 


Agam Shah, IDG News Service, claimed that the camera’s ability to sense distance, size, depth, and other parameters of structures could also help in the growing area of 3D printing. A depth sensing picture of a model can be extracted to reveal exact specifications than can be printed.


Source: ITWorld.

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