iPad Accessories Market is booming with 3D Scanning Technology

Quantum International reported that they are in the final stages of development for their lifestyle enhancement iPad case since 3D scanning accessories present a big opportunity for profits. While Apple prepares to launch its fifth-generation iPad and reduces prices on previous editions of the iconic tablet, the increasing popularity of 3D printing technology and 3D scanners comes at the perfect time.

Anyone that has a 3D printer is going to want a scanner, which is something that is being developed in conjunction with the iPad case,” Quantum International CEO Robert Federowicz said. “Users can place the device onto the iPad and scan objects or create 3D maps. This creates all kinds of profit possibilities.

The 3D printing market reached $2.2 billion last year, up almost 30 percent from the previous year according to Wohlers Associates. With early projections for 3D printing reaching $6 billion worldwide by 2017 and $10.8 billion by 2021, and Quantum claimed that they are exploring all avenues into the rapidly growing sector.

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