Lionhead 3D Printer and 3D Scanner with Li Modeling Software Launches on Kickstarter

We already published a news titled, “The Lionhead – Desktop 3D Printer and Scanner With Modeling Software” about two weeks ago.

Now, The Lionhead 3D Printer and 3D Scanner witl Li Modeling Software launches on Kickstarter!


They claimed that they’ve made the Lionhead more than a printer as it’s a scanner, too, and it connects directly to their 3D modeling software—Radiant Li™—that’s incredibly easy to use.



In developing Li, they were inspired by the simplicity of video game interfaces. You can create and edit models as if you were building a virtual Lego® creation. It’s simple enough for children to grasp with tools that enable experienced users to produce models quickly. When you’re done modeling, you just click Print. It’s that simple.


The Lionhead scanner allows you simply hit the Scan button and import real world objects you want to work with as a base for your creation. Li lets you work with it and customize it as you see fit.


The Lionhead Bunny and Lionhead 3D Printers tech specs


Lionhead 3D printer tech specs



Lionhead 3D Printer and Li after a scan is completed.

Lionhead 3D Printer and Li after a scan is completed.


Project is conductued by Radiant Fabrication, Madison, WI, and Funding period is between Sep 18, 2013 – Oct 18, 2013 (30 days).

For more details and support, please visit their Kickstarter page!

Reported by Yavuz Kaya.

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  1. Thank you, Popular 3D Printers, for posting this article on Lionhead’s first Kickstarter day!

    One of our main drivers for the campaign is to get the 3D printing community’s views on the technology. What do you like/don’t like/think needs improvement? This type of feedback really helps us incorporate improvements to our fully grown Lionhead printers!

    You can get us feedback in 3 ways:

    1) Post a comment to this article
    2) Write us a note on the comments section of our Kickstarter page:
    3) Add feedback to the community section of the Radiant website:

    We sincerely appreciate your input,

    Tricia Underkofler
    Radiant Fabrication

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