Meet the newest member of Cubify family: Cubify Sculpt!

3D Systems has introduced a new product called Cubify Sculpt. It seems that you may be able to quickly and easily shape your ideas with virtual clay using it.


Cubify Sculpt

Cubify Sculpt


According to Cubify blog, Cubify Sculpt packs a powerful feature set that includes embossing with textures, adding color with paint for full color 3D printing, intuitive push and pull tools to sculpt in virtual clay and accurate symmetry settings for designing organic shapes like monsters and figurines.


Cubify Sculpt designs are 3D print-ready for at-home or cloud printing. They recommend trying your designs out on materials like Cubify Ceramix and Cubify Colorstone.


You can buy it today for $129 or download the day free trial.


Source: Cubify Blog.

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