Milwaukee MakerFest 2013

What is Milwaukee MakerFest?

Part science fair, part county fair and part something entirely new: Milwaukee Maker Fest is inspired by similar celebrations around the world. It is an all-ages gathering of makers coming together to share what they have made and learned across the spectrum of science, engineering, art, performance and craft. This event will have limited indoor and outdoor space available for exhibition as well as scheduled events during the fest.



You might find the following things at Milwaukee MakerFest.

Nerdy Derby

Nerdy Derby


Printing in 3D

Printing in 3D


Are you a maker?

If you make something awesome and would like to come show it off at the event, they will give you space to set up an exhibit. They ask that you fill out the online information form so they can contact you and make plans.


Project is contributed by MakerFest CommiteeMilwaukee, WI, and the funding period Sep 3, 2013 – Oct 3, 2013 (30 days).


MakerFest will be on:


10AM to 6PM




Please visit Kickstarter page for more details and support.


Yavuz Kaya published.

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