MONSTERMATIC: The First 3D Printing Game

The first mobile game that allows users to create and 3D print custom designed monsters.



Monstermatic is the first free mobile game app that allows users to create and 3D PRINT custom designed monsters. Players are given tools to invent, interact, share, and ultimately unleash their monsters into the world through 3D printing technology. New monsters and further customization options can be unlocked simply by playing the game. All monster parts are interchangeable. Design combinations are endless!


Some studios encourage the purchase of 3D versions of their characters to enhance their games. While it is an interesting idea, it doesn’t give the player the freedom to create their own character. With Monstermatic, THE GAME IS TO CREATE your character!

With your help, we will release this unique game late Fall 2013 equipped with the amazing features below and give it that polished feel while also retaining seamless 3D printing integration:

  • Full iOS mobile platform support.
  • 10 unique designs and fully animated monsters. Each monster features 5 swappable parts.
  • Color control and shape tools for further customization options.
  • Fully integrated 3D printing capabilities.
  • Augmented Reality, interactivity and social networking integration.
  • Game mechanics, sounds and polished User Interface.


Project is conducted by Clayton MitchellLos Angeles, CA, and the gunding period is between Sep 16, 2013 – Oct 16, 2013 (30 days).


For more details and support please visit its Kickstarter webpage.

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