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FabSecure – The World’s First Secure 3D streaming

3D printing can be secure and collaborative by using FabSecure. You only need to plug it in, create an account, and you are ready to share and print securely.   Let’s check how it works.   1. PLUG IT INTO A NETWORK No IT required. FabSecure 3D Streamer is configured for your 3D Printer. Just plug it into your network and ... Read More »

3D Printing Technology Helps Blind Students Feel the Words

Tania Jain, a student, and a Hyderabad-based ophthalmologist Dr Anthony Vipin Das, have created ‘Fittle’ (Fit the Puzzle) that will enable blind children learn letters of braille and sense the objects the words convey.     Fittle is an accessible learning toolset for visually challenged kids. Through a playful puzzle, kids can learn new words and visualize shapes of objects that these ... Read More »

3D Printing Cheat Sheet wanted?

One of the Ultimaker user forum member, Nicolinux, claimed that he is thinking about creating a 3D Printing Cheat Sheet. Basically, cheat sheets, for example,  are short (one or two pages) instructions with common wisdom regarding a specific topic and very popular in programming environment.   He pointed out the following topics why we need to have a 3D Printing Cheat Sheet.   Importance ... Read More »

Heacent 3DP02 3D Printer Assembly Kit

Heacent 3dp02 3d printer kit

If you are a DIY lover and would like to learn 3D printing, Heacent 3DP02 3D Printer Assembly kit can meet your expectation.     Heacent 3DP02 3D Printer Assembly Kit tech specs.   Color White + silver + black Material Stainless steel + PLA Specification Power supply: 110~220V; Printing volume XYZ: 200 x 200 x 100mm; Printing speed: 40 cubic ... Read More »

The First German Desktop 3D Printer – iRapid Black

German manufacturer iRapid launches the first german desktop 3D printer (fully-assembled) BLACK to the market with the price of 999,00 €. Their dimensions -50 cm wide, 35 cm deep, 40 cm high- makes it very portable. Since it is adapted to fit, you can place it anywhere easily. iRapid BLACK is only 9 kilos.     The other notable feature of the ... Read More »

Four-color 3D printer The Microfactory: A machine shop in a box

This is an amazing all-in-one, networkable, four-color 3D printer and milling machine! They also claimed that “Hybrid manufacturing is finally here.”     The Microfactory project began one year ago when four friends, longtime members of an independent maker space in Somerville, Massachusetts called Artisans Asylum, came together to create a better prototyping and machining tool….one that was easy to use, ... Read More »

What materials will be invented in the next decade?

Wired published an article, was taken from the September 2013 issue of Wired magazine, that is about the selection of academics and business types for their thoughts on: “What materials will we invent in the next decade?” for this month’s big question.   Not surprisingly, some answers are directly related to 3D Printing as follows.   Zoe Laughlin, Cofounder and director, The Institute of Making “I ... Read More »

Arcam AB Receives Prestigious Export Award

Arcam AB, a leading additive manufacturer of industrial 3D Printers, today won the prestigious Export Hermes award. The award is given by the Swedish Fund for Export Development yearly. In order to achieve this kind of award, the company should have a stable and growing export to a global market through a well considered marketing strategy, and with steady profitability.    ... Read More »

3D Printer Test Kit – GRAPHICA

Graphica is all about further extending your knowledge of what your 3D Printer is capable of! They will be building on the quality and attention to detail they established in 3DKitbash’s first ‘3D Printer Test Kit’ and hopefully giving you a whole new outlook on what you can accomplish within the realm of FDM-based 3D Printing!   With Graphica you ... Read More »

Design Museum, Designer in Residence, Finds Identity in 3D Printing and Ceramics

Colour 3D print bureau, Lee 3D, sponsors 3D printed exhibits on show at the Design Museum by Adam Nathaniel Furman, Designer in Residence from 4 September until 12 January 2014.   Adam will explore the concept of identity through a cabinet of curiosities containing products made entirely from 3D printing and Slip Casting. The project follows a fictional journey of ... Read More »