R-360 – Simple and modular 3D printer

ReplicatorWareHouse, located London, built its R-360 3D Printer with the least amount of parts, improving reliability, reducing price. They claimed that their unique rotating bed is revolutionary!


ReplicatorWareHouse knows that there are many amazing makers or makers to be on the earth, and some of them are really hesitant to have their own 3D printer due to the high prices and the complexity to build. Hence, they’ve invented a new 3D printer for those people and they would like more and more people to have 3D printers and bring more genius makers into the world.

R-360 3d-printer

R-360 3d-printer

Why R-360?

  • R-360 has a unique rotating printing bed which has a 3D scanning turntable mode.
  • Slicing in the cloud service for free.
  • It can be built in one hour since it is simple and partially pre-assembled.
  • Modular design allows to fold up for traveling without compromise on printing volume.
  • It is open source.


r-360 3d-printer parts

Those are the all parts of their prototype.

What is Slicer Cloud?

All 3D files need to be prepared for 3D printing called slicing. Slicer software creates all the layers and tool paths specifically for your printer. This was only possible on your computer before. Installing the software, handling updates, and fine tuning can be tedious, especially for people who are more interested in printing without any hassle. Also this process can use a lot of resources, making it more difficult on a less powerful computer or laptop.

Their Slicer Cloud is a service to process your files on a cluster of powerful online servers. Here you can upload your files and get them prepared for printing swiftly and easily. They  also think of the expert users, and giving them more power on fine tuning their settings.

Slicing a model on Slicer Cloud

Slicing a model on Slicer Cloud


Compare R – 360 3D printer

*Extruder is capable of printing ABS out of the box. However to get the ABS to stick properly to the printing bed, you will need a heated bed upgrade future development.

**Pen Holder for plotter mode is included, paste extruder upgrade future development, dual and triple extruder upgrade is coming as future development. ***Silicon heated bed upgrade coming as future development.

**** Scanning mode is supported, 3rd party software required


For further information you can visit their Kickstarter and Replicatorwarehouse pages.

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