Rubicon 3D Scanner

Rubicon 3D Scanner is simple and cost-effective, yet powerful 3d scanner that will enable its users to turn real world objects into virtual 3d models easily.



How it works:

Basicaly, webcam takes a picture of an object on the turntable with both lasers on and off, then the software looks for differences in those pictures to detect the shape of your object. Next the turntable turns 0.45 degrees and the process repeats. 800 steps for a full 360° revolution.



What comes out:

After the scanning is complete, you would be able to export either a raw hi-polygon mesh or have it structured and optimized.



 Comparing to MakerBot Digitizer



They expect to have everything ready by the second half of December and the funding period is between September 08, 2013 – October 23, 2013 (11:59pm PT).


Support and details can be found at IndieGoGo.

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