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3D Systems Launches Bespoke Modeling

3D Systems Bespoke modeling

3D Systems announced today the immediate availability of Bespoke Modeling, a cloud-based, easy-to-use, affordable service that enables medical professionals to quickly create, view, share and 3D print full-color 3D anatomical models directly from DICOM data.   Bespoke Modeling provides medical professionals the power to diagnose and communicate more effectively, simplify medical imaging, improve medical instruction and enables smoother patient referrals.   ... Read More »

3D-Printed pump maintains diseased hearts beating in time

If you have serious heart failure your options can be very limited as you need to have a heart transplant or a bedside system to keep your heart pumping. Fortunately, a new 3D-printed, battery-operated implant would make people perform their day-to-day activities while they wait for a transplant.   Basically, the device, for which a patent has been filed, developed by Philip ... Read More »

Robohand Uses 3D Printing to Replace Lost Digits

Robohand 3D printing

Richard Van As, a South African carpenter, lost four fingers to a circular saw two years ago       He was unable to afford the tens of thousands of dollars to get a myoelectric hand, which detects a muscle’s electric impulses to activate an artificial limb.     “After my accident, I was in pain, but wouldn’t take painkillers. I ... Read More »