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Global 3D Scanners Giving a Huge Blow to the Consumer Market

3D scanner is an instrument which examines the real objects and environment, to collect data based on shape, geometry, and appearance. The collected data is then used to construct digital 3D replicas. 3D scanners are classified into two groups’ viz., non-contact scanning and contact scanning. Let’s see what has happened earlier in the 3D Printing world.   Twindom launched an ... Read More »

The Book on 3D Printing

The Book on 3D Printing was written for the designers, teachers, parents, and everyday inventors who will change the world with this amazing technology and it will take you on a tour of the developing 3D Printing industry and explain everything you need to know to start designing and printing your own 3D creations.     You can find out the 3D ... Read More »

What materials will be invented in the next decade?

Wired published an article, was taken from the September 2013 issue of Wired magazine, that is about the selection of academics and business types for their thoughts on: “What materials will we invent in the next decade?” for this month’s big question.   Not surprisingly, some answers are directly related to 3D Printing as follows.   Zoe Laughlin, Cofounder and director, The Institute of Making “I ... Read More »

3D Printing With Iron and Tungsten

Currently numerous 3D Printing Materials, such as plastics and metals, can be 3D printed. Recently, we also saw that liquid metals can be also 3D printed in 3D Printing of Liquid Metals at Room Temperature video. The range of metals in 3D printing is increasing rapidly as the industrial 3D printer supplier ExOne has added iron infiltrated with bronze, and bonded tungsten, to the range ... Read More »