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Students take advantage with 3D Printer Packages Designed for Next Generation Science Standards

Afinia H Series 3D Printer

3D printing, as known as Additive Manufacturing, is becoming widespread in engineering and manufacturing for rapid prototyping and production. There is no doubt that students will be taking a vital role for the future of industry. In order to consider this, giving them an opportunity to understand the 3d printing technology is vital. Therefore, Afinia, a supplier of desktop 3D ... Read More »

The First 3D-Printing College Classroom for General Education

Afinia H 3d Printers

James Madison University (JMU) claimed that they will be building the first 3D-printing general education college classroom. Since the vast majority of other universities already have 3D-printing facilities and labs, the James Madison University (JMU) 3-SPACE will be the first true 3D-printing college classroom in the country, built for general education courses that are open to all students and departments at the ... Read More »