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Chocolate 3D Printing by Using 3D Scan and Print Technology

Everything's made of Chocolate

Finally, chocolate can look as good as it tastes since the company “Everything’s Made of Chocolate” re-imagined the chocolate design with 3D scanning and printing technology.     Brian Begun, digital artist, is setting his sights on a different type of creative art – chocolate mold design, after almost 20 years entertaining moviegoers with stunning visual effects in films such as “Start ... Read More »

3Dsimo: The Amazing 3D Pen

3dsimo - Amazing 3D Pen

The project catch-phrase is: Do you have a fantasy? Then you have half won. You just make it real. This can be happened by using 3Dsimo which simply and fast enables you to draw 3D objects. What is it? 3Dsimo allows you to draw 3D objects simply and fast. And you don´t even need technical training. 3Dsimo has no limitations ... Read More »

Rubicon 3D Scanner

Rubicon 3D Scanner is simple and cost-effective, yet powerful 3d scanner that will enable its users to turn real world objects into virtual 3d models easily.     How it works: Basicaly, webcam takes a picture of an object on the turntable with both lasers on and off, then the software looks for differences in those pictures to detect the ... Read More »