The first Korean Desktop 3D Printer 3DISON Plus by ROKIT INC

” The first Korean desktop 3D printer EDISON+ (3DISON plus) cheers your imaginative power. They open the gate of 3D life that creator and all people are able to dream and enjoy the happy world. “


With miniaturized size, reasonable price and high-quality printing skill, desktop 3D printer “EDISON+” is designed to be used easily for everyone.


EDISON+ 3D Printer

EDISON+ Desktop 3D Printer



Harmless and eco-friendly resource based filament, high-precision skill, fast and exact customer services are the highest stage that domestic 3D printer company can reach. If the “design” is a blue-ocean of global market, 3d printer ‘EDISON+’ and 3d scanner ‘Easyskan’ are the intersection point of design and IT.


We are going to support the groundbreaking revolution through “EDISON+” and “Easyskan” by cutting the seven steps of manufacturing, which are planning, prototyping, tooling, producing, distributing, selling, and enable customers to make products right away.


We are not a big company but we are trying to achieve greater mission and social vision. “Sharing of profit from creation” beyond the typical business, ROKIT planned to accumulate 10,000 won per selling price in Creativity development fund as the name of customer. Creativity development fund created to help designers receive the definitive choice of the public and specialists at the end of 2013 so that the donation is 100% transparent.


We are like in the middle of a big technologic storm, which is a great one, as hearing and experiencing the progress on 3D Printing industry day by day all over the world.



EDISON+ Desktop 3D Printer Specs
  • Printing

    • Printing system: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
    • Output size: 225 x 145 x 150 mm
    • Nozzle perimeter: 0.4mm
    • Lamination thickness: 0.05mm~0.3mm
    • Positioning precision: Z=0.0002mm/ XY=0.011mm
    • Filament: PLA
  • Electrical

    • INPUT: 190 – 220V 50/60Hz 3.0ampere
    • Output: 24v 5.0ampere
  • Software

    • Control program: Creator K V6
    • Support operation system(OS): Windows,OS X
    • File type; STL, OBJ, Gcode
  • Mechanical

    • Size: 467 x 324 x 380mm
    • Weight: 14.5kg
  • Temperature

    • Storage temperature: 10’C~40’C
    • Temperature of extruder: 215’C


Yavuz Kaya reported.


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