The Lionhead – Desktop 3D Printer and Scanner With Modeling Software

Company is about to launch Kickstarter Campaign soon.


Radiant Fabrication today announced Lionhead, the first consumer-level 3D printer to incorporate printing and 3D scanning into a single device packaged with Radiant Li, and a powerful 3D modeling software.


The company will start its Kickstarter campaign in September as introducing its printer/scanner to the SMB and consumer markets, gathering user feedback, and raising funds to expedite delivery of developed full production systems. Once they achieved its Kickstarter goal, Radiant Fabrication will begin shipping Lionhead Bunny (beta) systems in October 2013.


Radiant’s Lionhead, the first consumer-level 3D printer to incorporate 3D printing, scanning and modeling software into a single device, makes 3D printing accessible, reliable, and fast for non-technical users.


“We created the Lionhead and Li to streamline the 3D printing experience, allowing consumers to model, edit, print, and scan from one piece of software and hardware,” said Nathan Patterson, Radiant’s co-founder and president. “Together, it means that consumers spend less time and money learning complex software packages and maintaining their printer, and more time using and refining their ideas.”



Radiant Fabrication will offer their four printhead Lionhead Bunny (beta) printer/scanners for $1,649.



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