The Peachy Printer – The World’s most affordable 3D Printer and 3D Scanner

The Peachy Printer is the world’s most affordable (currently) 3D printer. This is also another 3D Printer contains, “The First” term, like Zeepro Zim (first dual head personal 3d printer), iRapid Black (first German 3d printer) and 3DISON Plus (First Korean 3d printer) etc. Honestly, catching them is not easy at all!

Rinnovated Design mainly want to lower the cost, which is expected, and difficulty of 3D Printing to a point where it’s accessible to the masses to make 3D Printer an household item with this project so that 3D printing to become a common part of life.




Their best prints to date:


This is one of our best prints to date!
Watch how the Peachy 3D Printer works through explanation and demonstration:


The peachy printer is a Photolithographic printer which means it uses a controlled beam of light to cure light sensitive resin into hard objects.


The object you want to print must first become a 3D model in Blender. The software takes the data from that 3D model and translates it into an audio waveform. It then plays the audio file out to the printer through the headphone jack in your computer. This waveform drives a pair of electro magnetic mirrors. The higher the volume, the higher the voltage, the more the mirrors move. The purpose of these mirrors is to reflect and control the path of the laser beam. By using the audio waveform generated from the 3D model data to drive the mirrors, they are able to get the laser beam to draw out the shape of the object. That’s takes care of the X and Y axes.


Under The Hood

Below are some detailed pictures showing under the hood of their current prototype. This is the exact hardware that made every print pictured and shown in the videos. Everything they do will be open source hardware.

A few separate parts, as well as the fully built printer.  During the R&D process we have been cutting our housings out of MDF to save on expenses.
A few separate parts, as well as the fully built printer. During the R&D process they have been cutting their housings out of MDF to save on expenses.

How does the 3D Scanner work?

When combined with a camera, the Peachy Printer also functions as a 3D scanner! The Peachy repeats a back and forth laser pattern that simulates a line laser. This illuminates the profile of the object you are scanning. Your video camera, webcam, or DSLR will capture this happening while you rotate the object a full 360 degrees. The software we wrote in Blender then searches through each pixel in every frame looking for the point where the laser is hitting the object. Next it calculates the distance of those pixels from the objects rotational centre and plots the points and mesh accordingly in 3D space. You now have a 3D model of the real life object you scanned.


The project is conducted by Rinnovated Design. Although the Funding period started on Sep 20, 2013, it has already achieved its goal by today!


More details can be found at Kickstarter page.

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